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Gun Courses
Valley Guns offers a variety of handgun courses for all levels of experience.  Below is a description of the courses we offer.  A course application can be filled out online HERE,  or at the bottom of this page.

2 hr class scheduled at your convenience.
(private class, 1 shooter/instructor)
This course is designed to teach the student (male or female) how to shoot properly and accurately so that the individual may pass the shooting qualification of the NRA Basic Pistol Course.  The course curriculum is strictly safe gun handling and shooting accuracy.  It also is designed for individuals who just want to learn to shoot for personal safety in the home.
If you are a new shooter or have not shot a handgun in 10+ years, this course is highly recommended as a pre-requisite to our NRA Basic Handgun Course.

HANDGUN SHOOTING- LEVEL 1  (Qualifies for WV Concealed Carry)

 Our Level 1 Handgun shooting course is a NRA Basic Handgun Course covering handgun fuction, theory, safety and application.  The course is all day from 8am till 4pm.  Our instructors cover eye dominance, shooting positions and stances, grip, breath control, sight picture, and sight alignment.  A gun cleaning demonstration is performed as well.  Strong emphasis is stressed on proper sight alignment and sight picture.  Ammunition is covered extensively and recommendations as to what types should be used for self defense are made. The lecture is based on the NRA basic handgun shooting curriculum.  A written exam, written by the NRA, is taken after the lecture. Each student must score a 70% on the written exam as well as 70% on the shooting qualification.  Lunch is provided as well!

Handgun Level 2 - Introduction to Defensive Shooting 
( Pre-requisite  - NRA Basic Handgun or equiv. Qualifies for WV CCP)

Our Personal Protection class covers the basics of defensive shooting. The course is a modified version of the NRA Personal Protection inside/outside the home. A considerable amount of time is spent teaching, "Flash" sight picture.  The psychological effects of a deadly encounter are covered. Procedures are taught on how to handle different encounters based on a person's surroundings.  The shooting exercises cover low light shooting, double tapping, shooting around barriers, shoot/no shoot situations, 911 calls, and single handed shooting. Laser demonstrations are performed and the tactical use of lasers is taught. Shooting in the dark w/ flashlights is covered as well.  Shoot/No Shoot scenarios are used extensively.  Students must score a 70% on the shooting qualification.  This course is for the experienced shooter.  Pre-screening of students will be performed verbally,  Please call us for details. Lunch is provided.

Basics of Reloading for Rifle and Pistols (4 hour course)
Our Basics of Reloading course is designed for beginner/ametuer reloaders who want to learn more about this "money saving" hobby.  The is taught by one of our qualified instructors who has 40+ years of reloading experience.  The student will be instructed on the do's/don't of modern reloading.  At the end of the course, each student will load their own cartridges so everyone leaves with the basic "hands on" experience.  This course is taught 1-2 times a year, depending on demand.
Self Defense Laws for West Virginia and Surrounding States ( 2 hr seminar)

This course will cover the most important aspect of Carrying a Concealed Firearm...THE LAW!  Taught by an NRA Certified Pistol instructor an 25+ year attourney, the student will be taken on a trip through our legal system, the repercussions of using a gun in self defense, the post traumatic stress involved and many other aspects that will effect a "critical incident" victim.  This seminar is planned to be taught every 90 days, so if you missed out this time, sign up right away for the next availible class. 

SIGN UP FOR 2014 CONCEALED CARRY COURSES ONLINE NOW!!!. Dates are posted!  Don't like the computer?  Then stop by and fill out an application to be put in our next available class. You may also open/download this PDF print, fill out all information, sign, include a check for $100.00 and mail to; Valley Guns II, 998 Arden Nollville Rd, Inwood, WV 25428. Handgun Course Form Valley Guns.pdf

Additional Training

NRA Handgun course signup

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 ClassDate# Available# RegisteredClassPriceClass TitlePrerequisites
Select4/26/2014153$50.00Introduction to Rifles and Pistol ReloadingNone
Select4/27/2014205$100.00Handgun Shooting Level 1None
Select5/3/2014407$50.00Self Defense Laws for WV and Surrounding StatesNone
Select6/1/2014203$100.00Handgun Shooting Level 1None
Select7/6/2014200$100.00Handgun Shooting Level 1None
Select8/3/2014200$100.00Handgun Shooting Level 1None
Select8/31/2014200$100.00Handgun Shooting Level 1None
Select9/6/2014200$50.00Introduction to MuzzleloadingNone
Select9/7/2014200$100.00Handgun Shooting Level 1None

Do not see a suitable open class then Click Here to join our waiting list. If any openings for classes become available someone from Valley Guns 2 will contact you.